Marcus, Andrea, Alli, Erica, Destiny, Aiden


The SMITH family... To me this is an AWESOME family!!! :)) Hi everyone... I'm Aileen from Singapore, I have the privilege to meet Marcus & Andrea and their beautiful family during our 3 months internship at ihopkc. When I first "heard" about them during our orientation, this is what i heard: "We have 6 kids, one 22, 18, 14, 7 and two 4 yrs old". I was wondering... This young couple have 6 kids??? And their eldest was 22? I was like huh??? (really puzzled). Only to know later that they have adopted 5 of them. I was "shocked", not just by the number of kids they have but seeing the way they love them, treat them as their own and yet so open with them.


Coming from an Asian background, I have never seen or known anyone personally like andrea n Marc. What they have done and are doing... Is amazing!!! I remember reading articles/stories about people adopting kids and blah blah blah... But to see it for myself and knowing them is definitely a WOW moment for me!! Of course in Asia, there are people who do adopt but it is either a hush hush thing or is just not so prevalent and widely accepted as in the States, let alone hearing of people who adopt 5 kids. To see how they LOVE, teach, guide, discipline each of them... Is really really eye & heart opening for me. Coming from a family of 7 with 5 siblings myself, to observe and see their family time and life, I just find it so amazing because they are so real and is just like any normal family.


The Lord has called this family to do what they are doing and I know the heart of this family is to love God and do what God has led them. If the Lord has also put in your heart to join them in partnership either financially or in prayer, please join to support the Smith family. And I'm sure they are people that I will stay in touch and connect with till eternity :)) God bless...