Marcus, Andrea, Alli, Erica, Destiny, Aiden


    20 years plus of marriage and the journey has been incredible.  A guy from England and a girl from South Carolina found each other and said yes to Jesus.  The ride has been incredible.  Loss of many babies, 5 adopted kids and a miracle son is just a taste of our journey.  Moving all over the country in various ministry positions, we now know that God was preparing us for something so much bigger than ourselves. Are we perfect??  Haha, not even close.  Personally, I (Marcus) have made choices that caused pain and brokenness, but it was in that brokenness, I really came to know Jesus and what a man of mercy He was.  

Through my experiences, I have found Jesus to be an intimate lover, faithful friend, and a restoring, redeeming Savior.  No matter what I do in my life, I know that crawling up in Jesus' lap and staying close to Him is more than enough for me.  It is from this vulnerable, raw, broken state that my wife and I have come to know the heart of Jesus for us and what He is asking of us.  We spent 3 years in Thailand and what a schooling the Lord gave us about missions, his heart, and what serving should look like.  He has taught us to concentrate more  on being than doing.  Our priority is to be in his presence and out of that comes the motivation to do, to serve, and to reach the lost.  Now we are in Cookeville, TN  not to bring ourselves, but the very face of Jesus Christ.  Through 24/7 prayer, we know that the Holy Spirit will be released into this region.  If the "fire on the altar" stays lit every second of the day in Cookeville, the light will overcome the darkness.  The darkness will not stand a chance.  Do it Jesus!!! Your presence changes everything, breaks the chains, and brings freedom to the darkest most broken areas.