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Marcus, Andrea, Alli, Erica, Destiny, Aiden


We are Marcus and Andrea.  We have been married for 20+ years and have 6 kids (5 adopted). Our objective is not to be a worship leader, a pastor, an employer or employee. Our "job" does not determine our identity or our purpose. Our objective and purpose is to be with Jesus. Our full time job is to be with Jesus. We love Jesus and because of his grace we have been redeemed even though we are fully aware of our brokenness and weaknesses. Everyday we are so thankful that we get to experience His love and serve him wherever He wants us. His presence trumps everything else in our lives and we long to get lost with Him. Worship is the key for our life, our health, and our strength. It is an honor to use our voices, skills as  musicians and dancers to sit at the feet of Jesus and pour out our affection on Him. It is even a greater honor to lead other people to that place also. It is at the feet of Jesus, that every tribe, tongue and nation comes together for the sole purpose of being with Jesus.