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Marcus, Andrea, Alli, Erica, Destiny, Aiden


Before we are anything, we belong to Jesus.  Our identity is not in what we do, but who we belong to.  We are not missionaries, pastors, workers....we are children; Children of God.  Everything we do flows from our identities of being God's son, His daughter.  Yes, we are missionaries to Thailand, but that's not the scroll of our life.  The overarching words on the scroll of our lives are "Marcus and Andrea, children of God".  We, like little kids, are totally dependent on our "Daddy", our Father in Heaven.  In His goodness, He has released us into the dark Buddhist nation of Thailand.  We spent 3 years in Thailand and worked hard and honestly didn't see many results.  The darkness of the nation was so great and many times that darkness had us pinned, retreating, and cowering in the corner.  We came back from Thailand with such brokenness and confusion.  The last 2 years, God has done a deep work in our hearts and shown us the battle is not against flesh and blood and cannot be fought with carnal weapons, like programs or man authored ideas.  The battle in Thailand has to be fueled by prayer, His presence and in a place of total dependence.  We are going back to Thailand to birth a 24/7 prayer house.  Our goal is to have every second of the day bathed in prayer and worship.  This will bring freedom.  The chains will be broken and the darkness will retreat not from our efforts but from the place of prayer.  This is the first step for us.  After that is established, we want to use the platform of prayer to bring justice into a nation of sexual perversion and demonic activity.  Through student interns from all over the world, we want to teach them how to pray, then go out into the country to bring the message of hope, love, and freedom to the broken people of Thailand.  There is so much more stewing in our hearts that God hasn't put legs to yet, but we know that everything, and I mean everything, has to be fueled and bathed with prayer.